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Nina Elle Jewels has helped thousands of happy couples find the perfect engagement ring. Our couples come from across the globe and have trusted us for years to deliver beautifully designed jewelry masterpieces time after time. We are proud to have taken a small part in all their celebrations and wish each and every one a lifetime of happiness together. Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers had to say about Nina Elle Jewels and their experience.

Nina Elle Jewels Reviews
  • Christine B.
    "We purchased my wedding ring from Nina Elle 4.5 years ago. I went to her after a terrible experience with another jeweler. She stayed in constant contact with me through the process and I felt very confident about my decision to use this business. I was not disappointed. My ring is beautiful and I wear it every day. Last week I noticed a small stone from the band was missing. I called Nina Elle Jewels for advice on where to have a repair since I live across the country, and she assured me it was covered by warranty and arranged for shipping. She made the repair and replaced the stone with shipping and insurance the only cost to me. As an independent business person myself, I am very pleased with the quality of the work, customer service, and integrity in every aspect of our business together. Highly recommend!"
  • Spencer C.
    New York USA
    "A JEWELER LIKE NO OTHER! My fiance had been dreaming of an engagement ring seemingly far beyond my reality - or at least so I thought. But, after finding her youtube videos, I decided to give Nina a try. I told her of my then gf's (she said yes!) fantastical ideas for her ring and told her of my financial limits. She not only listened and addressed each of my questions and concerns, but she educated as well - and this is crucial. My eyes were opened and my understanding expanded - and Nina had earned my trust. With that, I held my breath and went for it... and I could not be happier. Wait; I mean MY FIANCE could not be happier - and isn't that the truest test? Nina will take what seems impossible, out of reach, and beyond your limits and place it on your lap all without having to compromise. And get this; she never once asked me to break my limit. In fact, less tax and shipping, she actually came in under it. She beat my local jeweler and she even beat a family jeweler! I advise all to speak to Nina. Tell her your about the jewelry about which you dream. Tell her limits. And then trust her. She can get it done - my fiance is quite literally wearing her dream. We both appreciate and value our relationship with Nina greatly and I can proudly say, with trust and confidence, that I now have a jeweler. "
  • Britt F.
    CA USA
    "I was referred to Nina Elle Jewels by a friend when I knew that my boyfriend (now fiancé) was starting his ring shopping process. I know he wants to write his own review, so I won't steal his thunder on his experience. I just have to say that my engagement ring is beyond perfect! My only specifications were that I wanted a halo and I wanted the band to be as thin as possible. He and Nina designed something above and beyond my expectations. They even added a sapphire detail under the center diamond. I hate that my job in the OR requires me to not wear any jewelry, because I hate taking it off. Every time I look at it, I get a goofy grin on my face. Needless to say, with our wedding coming up, I went to Nina again for the wedding bands. I was very impressed with how warm she was while remaining very professional. She really knows her business and has an eye for detail. I decided that I wanted my wedding band to have the same small diamonds as those on the band of my engagement ring. When I met with her, she told me that she had just finished a similar band, but it alternated diamonds and sapphires and asked if I'd like that. I was thrilled with the suggestion, as I thought it would compliment my ring perfectly. Our bands were ready within a few days and I couldn't be happier! My fiancé loves his band as well, after stating very firmly that he wasn't a jewelry guy. When I brought them home, he put his on and forgot to take it off. I have since referred my future mother in law to Nina as well to reset a couple rings and she loves them! (Won a few points with her there!) If you're looking for quality jewelry with a personal touch, by all means, go to Nina Elle Jewels!"
  • Patrick L.
    "Nina Elle saved my hide! After searching high and low for the perfect ring for our 20th anniversary, my wife sends me a pic of the style she wanted, thus throwing my choice out the window. Which ended up being a good thing because fellas, you should definitely check with your significant other to make sure she likes it. We went to Nina and my wife picks out a custom style. Nina showed us a wide selection of diamonds and helped to educate us on the pros and cons of each one. I went back to Nina after doing a lot of research on the type of diamonds out there and finding that her prices are very very reasonable. But with only 1 week left until the big day, Nina reassured me that she was going to do her very best to have the ring created in time. She kept me updated on the entire process as the days counted down, knowing that I was a nervous wreck. On the day before our anniversary trip, I go and pick up the ring and was shocked by how well it turned out. Especially with the quick turnaround for the custom job. It was perfect! And when my wife saw it, she was completely dazzled by its beauty. She could not have been happier. Nina really made our anniversary a very special one and I cannot thank her enough. Very professional, exceptionally courteous and accommodating, and above all, excellent prices and workmanship. You cannot go wrong with Nina and I will not hesitate to go back to her again and again."
  • Scott B.
    CA USA
    "After about a year of my girlfriend hounding me about wanting to get married I finally made the decision to start shopping In December. After knowing exactly what she wanted I did a Google search of the type of setting she wanted "Cushion Cut diamond with a halo setting". I still to this day hear those words ringing in my ears! Thankfully one of Nina Elle's pages came up and I contacted Nina via online, and she immediately called me. On initial contact we talked about budget, size, and type of setting. Luckily for me I knew exactly what I wanted, but I am sure Nina can accommodate any idea that you may have. We set up a meeting at her office in the Diamond District LA and Nina picked out about 7 stones (based on the specifications that I gave her) that I could chose from. All were legit graded stones from EGL and all had a cost associated with them. We then picked out the setting and with Nina's help made some custom modifications. Nina has great ideas and knows everything there is to know about what she is selling. Her prices are very reasonable and came well within the budget I had laid out. If ever I need to go back for a wedding band and/or any other jewelry in the future, Nina will be the one I call. 5 Stars all the way. Thank you Nina, you made Jennifer and I so happy."
  • Donna Marie C.
    UT USA
    "Nina was wonderful and communicated every step of the way. I was nervous about ordering online, but after reading all the reviews and speaking with Nina I was completely comfortable. My ring is AMAZING! I am extremely picky and wanted it exactly right. Thanks Nina!! The new Mrs. Crawley"
  • Jay B.
    "I had a horrible custom ring experience. . . Then I found Nina. I was very up front with her about my bad previous experience and despite his best efforts the San Francisco jeweler I was referred to could not make the beautiful ring that he promised. Nina was always available to talk about the ring and made sure to get plenty of clarification on my complicated plan for a wedding ring set before each step of the process. Even better, Nina sent me CAD images that drew out exactly what the ring would look like before it was even cast. Neither I nor my new Fiance could be happier with the beautiful ring that Nina Elle made for us from scratch."
  • Abi L.
    "Nina was not only helpful but also patient with me through out the entire design process. My fiancé absolutely LOVES the ring, and of course she said YES! Thank you Nina for making this dream comes true!"
  • Mary W.
    CA USA
    "Nina did it again with another awesome heirloom quality ring! Her attentive customer service and the exceptional quality of her jewelry has made me a customer for life. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you have a special occasion or need a heart-stopping engagement ring, then she is your person! Look no further. Another great thing about working with her is that she completely stands behind her work and will even resize your ring at no charge if needed in the future. She can't be beat. Thanks again, Nina!"
  • Marlyn S.
    CA USA
    "Nina is amazing!!! She not only designed my engagement ring but she designed our wedding bands. She's very professional and every time we need something she makes sure it's taken care of. Best customer service! Her jewelry is amazing and the quality it's the best I've seen. So happy that we found Nina. We have someone we can always go to."

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