Diamond Shapes

Nina Elle Jewels


Round Cut- The Round Brilliant (aka brilliant cut) shape diamond is the most popular of diamonds shapes. It consists of 54 facets and displays the most brilliance, fire, and scintillation of all diamond cuts on the market today. Among some of the ideal cut ratings for the round diamond are the Hearts & Arrows & Toolkowsky Cut which increases the stone's value and appearance. The round cut is great for solitaire settings, antique style settings, tension settings and modern style settings. Celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Kelly Pickler, Jennifer Hudson & Brittney Spears have round cut diamond rings.


The princess is a brilliant-style shape with sharp, pointed, uncut corners. It is typically square in appearance rather than rectangular. The princess cut diamond is better known as the square substitution for the round and is the second most popular diamond shape. Unlike the other square shapes, the princess cut has the fire and brilliance of the round cut diamond but with the sharp 90 degree angles. Princess cut stones are excellent for modern settings, tension settings as well as antique style settings. Kendra Wilson wears a 2.25ctw princess cut diamond engagement ring.


The cushion cut diamond is either square or rectangular with rounded edges. The cushion cut has a classic romantic look and has become more popular in the past several years. Major designers have incorporated the cushion cut diamond in bezel settings to emphasize the timelessness and antique style of their settings. The cushion stone is perfect for a three stone setting, antique or art deco style settings, bezel settings and some modern style settings. Celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Ivanka Trump & Molly Sims wear rings with cushion cut center stones.


The emerald cut or “Step Cut” as it is sometimes referred to is comprised of larger facets and is rectangular in shape. Because of the angle, size and shape of the facets, the emerald cut shows less brilliance and fire (dispersion) than the other brilliant cut diamonds. However, the emerald cut stone reveals a classic beauty and elegance not seen in other cuts. The look of the emerald is more understated but has a more elegant look and feel. In most cases, emerald cut stones are set in modern style or three stone settings but more antique style settings can compliment the emerald cut center stone as well. Beyonce, Ellen Pompeo & Maria Carey have all been proposed to with emerald cut diamond rings.


The asscher cut diamond is a variation of the emerald cut and was developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland. It is a stepped square cut also known as a Modified Square Emerald with cut corners. In addition to the cut corners, the asscher cut has the largest facets, a high crown and deep pavilions and resembles an octagon. This cut is designed to draw your eye directly into the diamond. Asscher cut diamonds are perfect for solitaire settings, antique style settings or more modern three stone settings. Nina Elle Jewels has a large selection of asscher cut diamonds and a wide variety of settings to choose from. Ashlee Simpson, Gwyneth Paltrow & Zooey Deschanel all wear engagement rings with asscher cut centers stones.


The radiant cut diamond is a rectangular shape with beveled corners and was perfected by Henry Grossbard 1977. Radiant cut diamonds facets are cut into a pattern that gives this diamond the unique appearance of cracked ice. Radiant cut diamonds can vary in their degree of rectangularity but are often more rectangular in shape. Drew Barrymore, Hilary Duff have been proposed to with radiant cut diamonds center.


The oval cut diamond has stunning brilliance, due in large part to its facets, which are similar to those in a round diamond. It is a modified version of the round and is named after its oval shape. It is best used for antique style and art deco style settings but can be set in more modern style mountings as well. Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes with a large oval cut antique style diamond ring.


The pear shape diamond or teardrop as it is commonly referred to appears larger than its carat size when compared to other diamonds. A large selection of settings with and without halos showcase this elegant center stone shape beautifully. Pear cuts vary from fat and thin to long and skinny in shape Any pear shape diamond engagement ring can be complimented with a gorgeous pear shape pendant as a wedding set. The late Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, as well as Jessica Simpson all wore pear shape diamond engagement rings.


The Marquise Cut diamond is a symbol of grace and delicateness which symbolizes femininity and elegance. With its tips coming elegantly together at a point, this appealing elongated shape lengthens the fingers it rests upon giving in impression of a larger and longer stone. It is a more antique style stone and is best displayed in settings with a prong setting and a few side diamonds. Although it is not as popular as the other gems, the marquise cut expresses prolonged life and love and has been worn by many women throughout the centuries. Michael Douglas presented his wife Catherine Zeta Jones with a gorgeous 10 carat brilliant marquise cut diamond. David Beckham gifted wife Victoria Beckham a ring featuring a 3 carat marquise shaped center diamond, complimented by two trilliant cut diamonds.