Pear Shape Drop Down Diamond Earrings with Baguettes ER903

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Looking to add a little dazzle to your wardrobe? These are the perfect pair of diamond earrings that would compliment any outfit. Hand crafted with round and baguette cut diamonds these drop down pair shape earrings will add the final touch to a complete look.

These earrings are also available for setting with  semi-precious gems. Please contact us for more information.




Gem: Diamond
Shape: Round
Carat Weight: 0.35ctw
Color: H
Clarity: SI1
Earring Style: French Post
Earring Style: French Post


Gem: Diamond
Shape: Baguettes
Carat Weight: 0.15ctw
Color: H
Clarity: SI1


Style #: ER903
Additional Information: These earrings are customizable and can be modified to fit your needs

Welcome to the beautiful world of Diamonds, nature’s masterpiece! Navigate your way trough these pages and discover how to make informed choices when purchasing your very own diamond ring. Whether you are choosing the perfect gift for a loved one or treating yourself, selecting a diamond is a very personal process.

When purchasing a diamond it is important that you know a little about how diamonds are classified. Most people start with the 4 C's. The 4 C's have become the industry standard in recognizing and classifying diamonds. They are CARAT, CUT, CLARITY and COLOR. All four should be taken into account when evaluating a diamond and calculating cost. These qualities collectively will determine a diamond’s beauty and ultimately its value.

Learning the 4 C’s is a great first step which will reveal the almost endless choices in the interplay of these variables. It is this selection process that make the diamond purchase a unique and wonderful experience.

Diamonds are a pure, natural product of the earth and each one is completely unique in its individual characteristics. So no matter which one you choose it will be special to you.

We recommend that you don't rush your diamond purchase. Take your time and evaluate your choices carefully. It took billions of years for nature to form your diamond and the skill of a master diamond cutter to bring your diamond to you. We recommend that you contact us to ask questions and learn about the best diamond choice for your purchase.

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